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a_NansamboLatest Newsletter May2018

How quickly time passes and once again we are again in Malawi.  We were issued with a Duty Waiver for the items we were bringing with us less than a day before we travelled but having it, Customs just waved us through when we arrived in Malawi.  The journey here was not bad but the 24 hours of travelling was both a long time and very tiring.   Between our party of eight we had thirty seven bags - thankfully all arrived safely.  Each of us had about half a case of personal items and the rest were full of donated items for Nansambo Primary School, the Baptist Medical Clinic and the Our Faith Orphan Care Primary School.  As you can imagine it took time for us to book in but all went well and despite having just over an hour to get from one side of Johannesburg airport to the other side to get our connecting flight to Blantyre “ we managed it with time to spare and met up with our Swiss friends before boarding which was a relief.

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Nansambo School

Mission Statement


Our continuing aim and priority is to do as much as is possible to improve conditions and the quality of education available to the children of Nansambo so the children of Nansamb and from the surrounding communities will be able to achieve their potential, both within the education system and within their own communities.

We are committed to encouraging the children of the Nansambo Community to attend school and to continue in full time education beyond primary school in order to access better employment and further training opportunities - to build a better life.

The Nansambo School Fund