Last Autumn, when we last updated you on progress at the Nansambo Primary School in Malawi the new school year had just commenced and our partner, Francis, was finishing off projects, soting our then 15 sponsored pupils and providing them with all they would need for the coming academic year and delivering sports equipment, stationery and learning supplies to the primary school. This needed to be completed before the onset of the rains late October / early November when the school road would be impassable to vehicles

The rains have since come and gone and, in the window before he started working full time with his tour business, Francis has again been busy at the school. In April Francis delivered, on our behalf, sports equipment, approximately 5000 assorted stationery items, 500 fiction and non fiction second hand books to the Library [which no longer has the termite problem but we continue to protect the building with anti termite chemicals to safeguard the books themselves!] We have carried out a few repairs including recently repairing a Library wall and rain drain that a lorry taking a shortcut through the school grounds damaged. It amazed us that with an open playground area with individual buildings on each side, a lorry went straight through this open area and couldn’t avoid colliding with the Library [which is detached and has plenty of space either side of the building] wall. Needless to say the driver did not stop and leave his details! At least the damage has been repaired and the Library is as good as new.



In March we commissioned a professional survey report on the condition of the bore hole. Each year maintenance costs increased and we knew this year would be expensive so had given consideration to drilling a new bore hole. The report we received recommended “Refurbishment” of the existing bore hole – which was continuing to provide water but the report advised the water supply could be better when being pumped because some water was leaking through cracked pipes back down to the water table. The work involved stripping and replacing all internal pipes and replacing the pump itself with a brand new Afridev pump. We still have the option of a brand new bore hole but decided to go with the recommendation and awarded the contract to replace all pipe work and install a new pump to the non profit making “Freshwater Project” based in Blantyre who had drilled and installed the original pump. The work was carried out at the end of April and took five days to complete. The children of Nansambo were delighted when the bore hole reopened and they once again had access to fresh safe drinking water at the primary school.









Mathias, our Librarian, sorting the latest delivery of 500 books to the Library. It took him four days to catalogue all of the books and Mathias worked through the Easter school holiday to ensure all books were available to the students from the start of the Summer Term.


mayupdate10MayUpdate-7Some of the 5000 stationery items delivered to Nansambo School in April 2017.All deliveries are made in the presence of other Stakeholders and recorded to avoid any suggestion of mis –appropriation of donations.

Christopher, the Headmaster of Nansambo, is making a record of               the items being delivered before they go into the secure storeroom.The other two adults looking on are members of the Nansambo School Committee. Children also look on but they were far more interested in pumping up the latest delivery of footballs!


Plans for 2017 –18

It is because of the tremendous support of others that we are able to plan to increase our support to Nansambo over the next twelve months. A further large order of stationery will be delivered this Autumn at the start of the new School Year, together with a variety of sports balls for different age groups and interests. A similar order will be planned for next April – after the rains stop and before Francis ‘ work commitments reduce the time he is available for the Nansambo Projects.
A friend of Jane’s is undertaking the “Three Peaks Challenge” in June to raise money to fund a Nansambo pupil through the four years of Secondary School. He has raised sufficient money to fund two pupils so we plan to sponsor an extra pupil in the Autumn of this year [making a total of 17] and a further five pupils in the Autumn of 2018 [making a total of 18 sponsored pupils.]
We also plan to increase the number of Assistant Teachers to five – one of whom will work part-time in the Library to learn the Library systems and support Mathias. We are hoping that it may be possible in 2018 to open the Library for some of the school holidays if there is availability of staff.
Use of the Library will continue to be monitored and the stock of books maintained.
In the Spring of 2018, the five classrooms previously renovated and the toilet blocks built by the Nansambo School Fund and its supporters, will be subject to major maintenance, repair and repainting. Any structural problems will be rectified [in any two year period cracks tend to appear in the walls because of the heat], all classrooms will be repainted, new notice boards will be fitted [they usually last two years - termites again!] and new blackboards will be provided.
Most importantly - and maybe last written but certainly not least - in the Spring of 2018 engineers will be sent to Nansambo to service and carry out any minor repairs that are necessary to the bore hole - to ensure continued fresh water to the children and community of Nansambo.

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May 2017 Update

Mission Statement


Our continuing aim and priority is to do as much as is possible to improve conditions and the quality of education available to the children of Nansambo so the children of Nansamb and from the surrounding communities will be able to achieve their potential, both within the education system and within their own communities.

We are committed to encouraging the children of the Nansambo Community to attend school and to continue in full time education beyond primary school in order to access better employment and further training opportunities - to build a better life.

The Nansambo School Fund