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a_NansamboRepublic of Malawi [formerly British Nyasaland] is a democratic, densely populated country of over fifteen million people located in southeastern Africa. It borders Zambia to the north-west, Tanzania to the north, and Mozambique surrounding it on the east, south, and west.  Malawi is 530 miles long and at its widest point 6: miles wide. Lake Malawi accounts for twenty per cent of the country’s territory and is 365 miles long and 52 miles wide.
World Bank statistics show that Malawi is now the poorest country in the world. It suffers from limited natural resources, environmental degradation and from the :devastating affects of the AIDS epidemic which has already. caused over 650,000 deaths and has left 1 million orphans. AIDS is the leading cause of death amongst adults in Malawi, and is a leading factor in the country’s low life expectancy which is stS only 50 years according to atest figures [2011]. Over 45% of the population is aged 14 years or younge
On the positive side Malawi has a functioning democracy, a tradition of peace and Is known internationally as “The Warm Hieart Of Africa."

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Nansambo School

Mission Statement


Our continuing aim and priority is to do as much as is possible to improve conditions and the quality of education available to the children of Nansambo so the children of Nansamb and from the surrounding communities will be able to achieve their potential, both within the education system and within their own communities.

We are committed to encouraging the children of the Nansambo Community to attend school and to continue in full time education beyond primary school in order to access better employment and further training opportunities - to build a better life.

The Nansambo School Fund